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House Sitting Service

Walk About now offer a house-sitting service. Edward my husband, who regularly comes walking with me has recently undertaken several house-sitting services and we are pleased to add this service to our business.

The service includes staying at your property and is very client focused. This includes taking care of all the small animals (within reason). Walking the dogs, the amount of walking to be agreed and the general day to day tasks such as watering plants etc. If you have specific requirements, such as lawn-mowing and general garden maintenance, these can be discussed.

Prices start from £50 per day and are based on the number of animals, the type of animals, the amount of work involved and the skills required. We are insured for house sitting and a DBS certificate can be requested.

We endeavour to look after your property and animals the way we would take care of our own, with due care and diligence. So, if the hens need let out at 7.00am then that’s what will happen.

Leaving your home with all the duties and organisation that this required can be quite a task and can leave you concerned for the security of your home and wellbeing of your animals resulting in added stress. So why not take the stress out of going away knowing that there will be someone there at home coming and going during the stay.

Saving you kennel fees, no animal stress, good house security and taking care of everything….

Thank you for looking after Mij, Mossy and the house, especially the garden.It makes a really enjoyable holiday knowing all is being taken good care of.

Rowena Davidson June 2017