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Dog walking

Here at Walk About we offer a bespoke dog walking service to suit your dog

Usually within a group of dogs of no more than four if this suits the dog. If you have a dog that is not suitable for walking within a group setting we offer a one to one service.

All our walking takes place within and around Ledbury mostly, as there are excellent walking places dotted around our lovely town. This includes Dogwood (especially named for us dog walkers of course!) The Trails around Ledbury, Conegree woods and Frith woods to name but a few.

With regards to walking on or off the lead that depends on your dog. If you are okay with them being off the lead we find that the dogs are usually very happy in their pack don’t stray. However there is always the exception like one of our regular girls who gets so focused on the lovely smells she just gets lost every time. So no off the lead for her...

Within the hourly walk we will pick up your dog and depending on that days outing we will walk or drive to the destination.

Drop off can include whatever you need be it drying off those mucky paws, feeding watering or any other requests within reason!

Other doggy services:

We offer half hour visits at lunch time where we let your dogs out or were possible give them a quick walk, any feeding, checking water etc.


Hourly walk within a group £12.00

Second dog from same house £15.00

Hourly walk one to one £14.00

Half hour visit £8.00

Weekend walk: half hour £10.00

hour £15.00


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